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USB Type-C Unified standard for fast integrated device connections

Date: 2019-06-06 Click: 2248

Jeff Ravencraft, President and chief operating officer of USB Implementers Forum (USB - IF), participated in COMPUTEX exhibition to promote the standard of USB Type-C and spare no effort. USB Implementers Forum (USB - IF) association is a development of USB technology and promote the application of the non-profit organization, currently has more than 1000 members, in eight years in international computer show COMPUTEX Taipei exhibition, USB - IF President and chief operating officer Jeff Ravencraft Sir, dusty just after the European business visit, immediately to the Taipei, in Nangang exhibition hall 4 floor of USB zone had an interview with DIGITIMES, Explore several important development strategies that USB - IF sees in the industry.

What technology makes USB the best interface for connecting 3C peripherals and charging devices? First of all, the new USB 3.2 standard was released in September 2017. This upgrade continues to use the original USB cable specifications, remains compatible with old USB devices, and doubles data transmission speeds at once thanks to dual-channel technology. USB 3.2 allows two respectively for 10 GB/s rate of channel, in order to obtain the data of 20 GB/s transmission rate to operate and use, in other words, originally for 10 GB/s rate channel, you can gain the benefit of the 20 GB/s data transmission, and so do not need to change the USB cable to use, the biggest transfer rate already can upgrade up to 20 GB/s.


With the explosion of more and more USB type-c and USB charging electronic products, the USB certified charging standard and verification program published by USD-IF provide a lot of important support. According to HIS estimates, up to 5 billion devices will use the USB Type-C standard by 2021.

With the addition of charging efficiency specifications, the existing charging specifications of USB PD 3.0 up to 100 W are provided to meet the charging requirements of all desktop and mobile electronic devices. Finally, USB Type-C connector standard, which can be used in both front and back direction, is light and small interface volume, which also meets the design requirements of current products in the industry.

Ravencraft expressed optimism, USB interface pillar, the three major indicators of sexual function, including the transmission speed, charging efficiency and ease of use is convenient, in the best physical connection interface first throne, with those published in the new standard, silicon ipr, chips, certification laboratory equipment and facilities and immediately follow up and develop the related solution, for the USB Type - C, the application of USB PD and USB 3.2 development provides broader business opportunities, the outbreak of the opportunity is just around the corner.

He cited the IHS industry report published in December 2017 as evidence that the USB type-c specification is expected to expand at an alarming rate from 2016 to 2021, with an estimated 5 billion devices equipped with USB Type-C connectors by 2021.

And applications across the consumer electronics, wireless communications equipment, computer systems and car market and so on four big areas, especially the semiconductor chip with silicon ipr manufacturers, in order to support the USB Type - C ecological system, expanding actively introduce all kinds of chips and semiconductor solutions, and USB - IF riches also make hard, actively promote identification label system, allow users to clearly identify the USB Type - C device, avoid to use the "bad" irregular USB cable Type - C, device and does not conform to the standard charger.

The USB - IF identification label system in addition to the original USB label, plus "ultra-high speed USB" and "ultra-high speed USB 10 GBPS" and "USB charging" chapter three sets of standard, can distinguish between respectively on the device, charging cables and special cables marked category, once complete USB - IF certified laboratory test, after chapter and sign the license agreement, you can use the USB logo certification, the chapter indicates the transmission speed of support or the identification of the power supply wattage.

In addition to the USB logo of authorization mechanism, in a large number of USB Type - C joint gradually popularization, in order to provide their products use the protection of the security and data transmitting, USB 3.0 promotion Group (Promoter Group) released a USB device Type - C identity recognition (Authentication) the relevant security trust mechanism, and add the USB PD in version 3.0 standard.

Through the identification protocol of USB Type-C device, the password-based security trust authentication mechanism of USB Type-C charger and device enables Host system to confirm the Type, transmission speed, charging specification and security trust authentication status of the device when USB device and charger are connected. This security trust authentication mechanism completes synchronously when the peripheral device is connected to the host, thus avoiding improper transmission of power or data from the peripheral device to the host.

This mechanism is more heart, trust "security certificate authority of the host system can refuse to do not conform to the standard USB charger", and reduce the USB Type - C connection process, from hardware or software, the risk of malicious attacks, which for some worried that the use of public charger for mobile phone charging passengers, their phones can identify these public charger is in accordance with the certification standards, and to allow only through the certified charger, for the protection of assets up enterprise consciousness, also can set up a special information policy, Enable its computer or mobile device to transmit and store data only to a USB storage device that has been verified to be secure and trusted.

Ravencraft deep said with confidence, USB - IF will continue to push the USB Type - C in the future industry the only transmission cable specification, and trust with the USB Type - C security authentication mechanism of promotion, will help to establish product safety use, compatible, and can exchange the ecological system and the vigorous development of supply chain, can let the consumers and the industry play the advantage of USB technology, build a rich user experience.

Continuously promote various electronic products to conform to USB Type-C interface

The USB PD controller chip manufacturers more than not of force development have security and protection of semiconductor solutions, not only supports the application of PC and smart phone, further to support a variety of other use dc power supply device, including a wide variety of PC peripheral device, an alternating current transformer, projector and other consumer electronic products, household chores robot, this trend will effectively help a single USB cable Type - C to carry out the application of the power supply and data transmission.

USB 3.0 specification will be the maximum rated power of the USB charging PD from traditional USB specification used 7.5W, up to 100W at a stroke, the charging current and voltage adjustment also arrived at 5A top 20V of the combination of all kinds of voltage level, reduce the threshold of the system design, owing to the abuse of the charger design, have caused a large number of electronic waste, the impact of the ecological environment, in order to make the charger can swap general, the European parliament through the draft of the universal charger, requirements within the European Union adopts the unified standard charger.

Industry members of its Digital Europe organization officially released the second edition of MOU (letter of intent) in the first quarter of 2018, confirming the adoption of unified USB Type-C specifications for mobile device chargers such as notebook computers, tablets and smart phones.

USB Type-C specification enters self-driving and automotive electronic systems

Along with USB charging initiative into the USB Type a certified - C after quick charger, USB - IF released quick charger certification specifications, the content including quick charger support USB PD 3.0 specifications can program the function of the Power Supply (Programmable Power Supply), at the same time, the user must use the new USB Host (Host) chips and devices, and cooperate with PPS function under quick charger, can give full play to the function of PPS. In addition, using a downward compatibility mechanism, fast chargers need to be able to backtrack to support the old USB type-c charging device.

With the release of the fast charger certification and specification, there will be a new wave of usage paradigm for automotive electronics. And along with the Level 3 self-drive system will gradually listed at the beginning of the second half of the 2018 and 2019, expect the self-drive drivers and passengers, will be a lot in the car to use USB Type - including C device for fast charging and data exchange using situation, so the USB Type - C import consumer electronics, computer, intelligent mobile phone, and since the drive, or even to a household robot and the use of industrial equipment, has been in the column.

The widespread trend of USB Type-C connector is obvious, continuously allowing new applications to have greater development opportunities and potential, for creating a new intelligent life, we expect USB type-c integration consistent standard, play the role of a foot in the door. (USB type-c and USB-C are trademarks of the USB Implementers Forum)

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