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Is coming! Huawei 5G's UK debut, the BBC was caught off guard by heavy traffic

Date: 2019-06-06 Click: 2243

Britain's major telecommunications company EE launched 5G services in six British cities on May 30th, the first official launch of 5G services in the UK.

EE, for its part, USES Huawei equipment for some of its 5G infrastructure.

The world's first commercial 5G live broadcast has been launched in the UK

Early on May 30th, morning local time, the BBC used EE's 5G network to broadcast its morning show live.

BBC reporter Rory Salem-Jones, 61, took part in the live broadcast. Before the live broadcast, he Shared a video clip on his social media to show his preparations for the live broadcast -- pointing his camera at Huawei's equipment, explaining, "it's the one that will support our first 5G live TV in the UK!

"This is a historic moment, because we're broadcasting to you on 5G," said Rory Salem-Jones, an emotional voice. Then he began to sway from side to side. But I think it should be very clear and there should be no delay."



Five times faster than 4G.

According to the BBC, in the 4G era, many news channels need to connect multiple 4G networks to transmit video over mobile networks. However, with 5G, Rory can broadcast live in HD using just a SIM card.

Compare the speed of traditional 4G network with that of 5G network ↓↓

4G speeds -- 64 M per second



The 5G network is 330M per second, 5 times faster than 4G


Of course, the advantages of 5G go beyond speed. Compared to 4G, 5G has less latency, which means less time between sending a request and getting a response. For hosts, this means a shorter interval between hearing questions through headphones and answering them on live television.

However, Rory Salem-Jones said the live broadcast had been delayed due to connectivity issues, tweeting that Huawei's 5G traffic was too high for the EE SIM card in the device when testing 5G live

Later, the BBC news website said it had to charge the card to ensure the live broadcast.

EE is the first company to launch 5G services in six UK cities

EE's 5G service will be available in six major UK cities -- London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester -- with 10 more cities including Bristol and Liverpool to follow.EE says its 5G network is based on existing 4G networks, and users choosing the new service will be able to access both 4G and 5G networks, giving them a great networking experience even in the most crowded areas.

It is learned that EE's 5G network is mainly deployed with Huawei's Massive MIMO equipment. Huawei's 5G Massive MIMO is currently leading the industry in terms of performance, engineering capacity and other aspects, and there is no alternative competitive product. Huawei 5G indoor digital system (DIS) will also be used for indoor scenes such as football stadiums and shopping malls.

In addition to EE, Vodafone, another UK operator, will launch 5G services within five weeks. Vodafone's 5G network also USES Huawei's 5G equipment, according to a Vodafone spokesman.

Mark Allera, CEO of EE UK: "Huawei equipment is an important part of the infrastructure of the telecommunications network across the UK and we use Huawei equipment."

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