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Quadratic element Image measurement
Technical Equipment

1. It can measure any geometric dimension on the plane, including diameter, radius, length, Angle, width, height, depth, point-to-point distance, point-to-line distance, center distance, etc.

2. With the function of taking pictures of parts, it can be compared more intuitively3. The software can analyze the measurement data at any time.

4. Measurement data can be directly imported into Word and Excel for analysis.

5. With the function of automatic edge finding, the measurement is more rapid and accurate.

6. Shortcut key function enables the operator to measure quickly and conveniently.

7. Can be saved as DXF format, and seamlessly transfer data with AutoCAD software.

8. Can be directly edited in AutoCAD, use, make measurement results processing more convenient and fast.

Application: all parts and products with datum.

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