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Salt spray test chamber is adopt the way of salt fog corrosion to detect the reliability of the measured samples respectively, corrosion resistant, salt fog refers to the atmosphere is made up of tiny droplets containing salt dispersion system, which is one of the artificial environment is three series, a lot of enterprise products to the surrounding ocean climate cause destructive to product, so the salt spray test chamber should to do.Salt spray test is divided into neutral salt spray test and acid salt spray test. The difference lies in the different standards and test methods, which are called "NSS" test and "CASS" test respectively.


There are four kinds of tests that can be done by the salt spray test box: neutral salt spray test (NSS), copper accelerated acetate salt spray test (CASS), alternating salt spray test, acetate salt spray test (ASS test).Of course, different tests not only require different solutions, but also the design and structure of the box may be different.

1. The temperature of the NSS test chamber should be (35±2)℃, the humidity should be more than 95%, and the nozzle pressure should be 78.5 ~ 137.3kPa(0.8 ~ 1.4 KGF /cm2).Is in the salt spray test box, will contain (5 0.5) salt water with a pH value of 6.5 ~ 7.2 % sodium chloride is sprayed through the spray device, and the salt fog settles on the test piece to be tested. The surface corrosion state is observed after a certain period of time.

2. Copper accelerated acetate fog test (CASS) is to add 2 water copper chloride to 5% sodium chloride salt water based on the general salt fog test, making its concentration 0.26g/L, and then adjust the PH with acetic acid, so that the PH value of salt fog collected solution is 3.1-3.3.(refer to GB/T 10125 corrosion test for artificial atmosphere)

3. Alternating salt spray test is a comprehensive salt spray test (realized by using alternating salt spray test box).

4. The ASS test is developed on the basis of the neutral salt spray test.It's a 5% sodium chloride solution with some glacial acetic acid.

Application: all consumer electronics testing

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