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Automatic computer plugging and unplugging tester
Technical Equipment

Technical specification.

Maximum weight: 50, 20, 10, 5, 2Kg (choose one)

Maximum measured height: 200mm.

Minimum fine tuning distance: 0.01mm.

Measuring speed range: 0-200mm/min.

X.y-axis movement range: 0-75mm.

Height of stand column: 1000mm.

Column spacing: 240mm.

Transmission mechanism: ball screw.

Machine features:

Print and store graphics (insert and remove displacement curve, life curve, inspection report)

Test data is stored on hard disk (each data can be stored any number of times)

All test conditions are set by computer screen, which is convenient and fast (including interpolation travel, speed, pause time, etc.).

The title of the inspection report can be modified at any time (both Chinese and English are acceptable)

The inspection report can be transferred to EXCEL.ACCESS for editing.

Application: all parts and products plug and pull test.

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