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Application: wire controlled bending machine is used to test wire controlled bending test, used to test the reliability of mechanical structure of earphone interface and wire controlled quality control.The machine adopts microcomputer measurement and control technology, film keys and LCD screen to display various parameters.

Product parameters:

1. Capacity selection: 10kg.

2. Force value display: 0.001kg.

3. Test function: certain tension pressure can be set, and the set force can be automatically returned according to the duration.

4. Force value storage: multiple groups of test data can be stored.

5. Unit switching: Kg, lb, N.

6. Data sampling frequency: 200times/ SEC.

7. Resolution of the testing machine: * large load: 1/±25000 yards, internal and external files are not divided, and the overall resolution remains unchanged.

8. Load sensor: pull and pressure sensor.

9. Effective stretching space: 300mm.

10. Test speed: 50-300mm/min (adjustable).

11. Test table safety device: upper and lower travel limit device.

12, overload protection: overload force can be set, beyond the automatic stop of the machine.

13. Working power supply :AC220V, 50HZ.

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